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Cabinet Henderson, the English-speaking department of the French firm of chartered accountants Compagnie Fiduciaire, provides a full range of bilingual services to private and business clients.  Our expert team is alert to cross-border issues and committed to working together with other English-speaking professionals, such as notaires, lawyers or foreign accountants. 




Olivier MAZEAU and Steven HENDERSON

Cabinet Henderson Mazeau was formed in 1998 by the merger of Cabinet Mazeau and Cabinet Henderson, combining all their respective capacities.


      • Cabinet Mazeau was created in 1991 by Olivier MAZEAU as an accounting firm and had developed an English-speaking practice to service vineyard owners in the Bordeaux region, a wide variety of small businesses in south-western France (such as building companies, pubs, professionals, etc…) and representatives in France of foreign companies (bureaux de liaison, branches, subsidiaries).


      • Cabinet Henderson was created in 1996 by Steven HENDERSON as a tax advisory firm, and had developed an English-speaking practice for private individuals, including residents living all over France and non-residents owning property in France.



Cabinet Henderson Mazeau merged with Compagnie Fiduciaire in 2008. The reason behind the move was that with the increasing complexity of commercial life and the laws that govern it, we felt the need to diversify from our traditional tax and accounting activities and to address a broader range of audit, tax and social security issues.


Compagnie Fiduciaire is a professional association of 21 Experts-Comptables and Commissaires aux Comptes in the Bordeaux region, with a total headcount in excess of 300 managers and assistants. As a member of the relevant French bodies (Ordre des Experts-Comptables, Compagnie des Commissaires aux Comptes), Compagnie Fiduciaire fulfils all the requirements of French law, including insurance cover for the benefit of its clients.


Compagnie Fiduciaire provides all the necessary professional resources, documentation, training, methods… ) and is committed to compliance with the highest quality standards (ISO 9001). Because each partner of Compagnie Fiduciaire has developed his own specialized experience, we are in a position to offer professional services reaching beyond tax and accounting, such as auditing, company secretarial matters or social law ....


The information appearing on this website is just a brief selection written in English. More detailed information is available in French on the website of Compagnie Fiduciaire.